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We don’t know about you, but we always like to read the ABOUT US page, so as to try to learn a little more about the people who put the website together…sometimes that is a good place to start on a site, as it will help you decide if you want to spend any more time reading the information on the rest of the website. Sometimes you pick up on some “red flags” and realize that spending more time – would be a waste of time. And other times, you begin to develop a friendship, a trust and a bond, by learning more about the people who put the site together.

Of course, we hope that after you finish reading our ABOUT US page, that it will cause you to want to get to know us better and to begin to trust us. We are very open people…we have nothing to hide. Feel free to call us anytime if you have questions about anything.

Al and I come from two very different backgrounds. I’ll let him tell you about his:

Hi… I was born in a housing project in Cleveland, Ohio in 1956. (Time certainly marches steadily on. And I would encourage you, especially you that are young, to really try to make the most of every single day, because it’s so true that we never get to live it over again. And the older you get the better you’ll understand why that saying has been around for so long—“life is short.”)

As you might assume, growing up in a housing project, we didn’t have much money; but though we had little money, and not much of this world’s goods, childhood and youth have far more good memories than bad. But while lacking money was really no big problem, there was another lack that was destined to become a big problem. I don’t remember ever seeing a Bible or stepping into a church, and I knew basically nothing about God. Going along with that, I don’t recall ever being instructed or warned as to what types of lifestyles and “pleasures” it might be best to avoid; so, not surprisingly, as I got a little older and made friends with a couple guys who not only liked to play basketball and football, but also liked to drink some beer (a lot of it), and smoke some weed, and even pop a few pills occasionally, I eventually joined them. And while I pretty quickly became a very heavy “indulger,” for the first few years or so it didn’t cause me any extremely big problems.

But then everything changed. Somehow, for a very short period, I fell in with a few guys I had known from high school who daily partook of that most horrible of all cheap wines: MD 20/20 (then fitly known as Mad Dog). And while I certainly didn’t feel that way then, I’m now truly thankful for that drastic downturn in my life; for that nightmarish hell (and I say that in all earnestness) that alcohol then became soon convinced me that I absolutely had to quit drinking; but I must admit, quitting certainly wasn’t easy, nor did it come quickly; but thank God, if finally came.

Since I’m on this subject of alcohol, I’d like to stop for a couple minutes and share with you what I believe is God’s advice to everyone concerning alcohol (I’ve learned that when God’s word is repetitious it’s repetitious for a reason):

“Don’t look at wine… Don’t look at it… don’t look at it…”  {Proverbs 23:31 NIrV}

Now let me share with you what I believe is a key passage in helping us to correctly understand this much misunderstood subject:

“Thus saith the LORD, As the new wine is found in the cluster, and one saith, Destroy it not; for a blessing is in it.”  {Isaiah 65:8 KJV}

In that passage we see that the Bible calls what “is found in the cluster”—“wine.” Most of us today call what “is found in the cluster” grapes (which contain grape juice); not until after it has gone through some process of fermentation (rotting) do we then think of it as “wine.” Notice also in the verse that it’s as this “wine” is “in the cluster” that God says there’s “a blessing in it.” Grapes and grape juice are full of blessings; on the other hand, alcohol is full of curses. That’s why God in that first passage I quoted repeatedly warns us not even to look at it. Why would he try to turn us away from something that has a blessing in it?

Let me give you one more example of how this subject (and the Bible) is misunderstood: First, I’ll share with you what Paul writes to Timothy:

“You ought to drink a little wine for the sake of your stomach.”  {1 Timothy 5:23 NLT}

Paul couldn’t have meant wine that is fermented and is alcoholic, because it’s a known fact throughout the medical community that alcohol irritates the stomach:

“Put simply, alcohol irritates your digestive system. Drinking – even a little – makes your stomach produce more acid than usual…”  {http://www.drinkaware.co.uk/check-the-facts/health-effects-of-alcohol/effects-on-the-body/is-alcohol-harming-your-stomach}

“As far as the body is concerned, alcohol is a poison. Some of the effects of chronic alcohol consumption include damage to the brain, liver, pancreas, stomach, small intestine and central nervous system. It is one of the few substances that can penetrate the lining of the stomach and cause damage…”  {http://www.mcvitamins.com/Health%20Opponents/alcohol.htm}

Okay, enough on alcohol, and back to my story.

It’s long been said: “God works in mysterious ways.” And that’s certainly true in my case. Somehow, through a very unusual experience, God caused me to realize three things: #1—That He’s real and that I needed to seek Him. #2—That the Bible was God’s word and was exceeding important. And #3—That health was an important piece of the puzzle.

Thus began my search for God and truth (which at the same time included my struggle to quit drinking). Eventually I ended up going off to a Christian college, where I didn’t find what I expected to find, and what I had gone there to find, but where I did find what I hadn’t gone there to find—a very special young lady that I soon became convinced God had brought into my life for a very special reason. (Thankfully the feeling was mutual.) We’ve been together for over thirty-five years now and have never for a moment doubted that God put us together (and that’s always a wonderful thought); and now that I’m finally doing what I believe God has called me to do, I’m more convinced than ever that God gave me Tammy for a very special reason.

And let me stop here and tell all of you young (and old) unmarried readers that finding the right mate in life, and finding a mate that will truly help you to heaven, is important beyond what I could ever express. Going along with that, let me give you something to think about: I tend to strongly believe that God probably isn’t going to send that special person into your life that will help you to heaven if you’re not in turn going to help them to heaven. And for those of you that have a mate that isn’t helping you to heaven, and sadly, I know there are many of you, I just want to say two things to you: #1—be the best mate you can possibly be; and #2—never, in any way, let doing that cause you to be unfaithful to God.

So, now that Tammy and I haved started this website, I hope we can put some time into it and make it a place where people will find some true spiritual food for their souls. And let me just say a few things in regard to that: #1–You want to find someone who will tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. And #2–“Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” #3–Love God’s word, all of it, not just the parts that come more easily and more naturally.

Al & Tammy Roesch

Now, as for my (Tammy’s) background…

I was born in 1960 to Christian parents, the oldest of three children, in Mayville, NY. My parents were also financially poor in this worlds goods, but they were both hard workers and good at saving their money, and taught us kids to do the same. I wasn’t born healthy, and by the time I was 13, I decided to make some major changes to my diet…my parents were vegetarian, but they still didn’t eat very healthy. I cut out all dairy products and sugar and used only whole grains, and it didn’t take long until my health was MUCH better! I have stuck with that diet for over 40 years now.

When I was 18, I went away to college. Al came to the college in January of 1980 and the 2nd day after he came, we met. We knew very soon that God had brought us together, and in December of 1980, we were married. Other than choosing to follow Jesus, marrying Al is the best decision I ever made. We both love the Lord, and it is our desire to serve Him with all our hearts.

Al and I have raised 5 children and we currently have 12 grandchildren.

I am a Master Herbalist, and I love helping people to maintain/regain their health, naturally. For 8 years, we owned and operated a thriving health food store…and now, Al and I have a health mail order business – Better Than Greens . We believe that God cares just as much about the body as He does the soul, for what good is a soul without a body?

We are old-fashioned Christians who believe in the whole Bible, and we believe that Jesus is coming back very soon.

Al and I live in the country, here in Kingsville, OH. We raise a lot of our own fruit and we enjoy spending time working outside.

If you are ever in the area, please feel free to come and visit us. We are not always home, so it is a good idea to call us first. We look forward to meeting you and fellowshipping together!