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Let’s look at Obesity in America. It’s not CUT & DRIED or 100% ACCURATE, but I think it’s pretty clear if you look closely at the MAPS, you will see that the HEALTHIEST STATES are for the most part DEMOCRAT States. Yellow & Green are the LEAST OBESE States & Orange & Red, predominantly the Republican States, are the MOST OBESE States.

Obesity in America US and OBESITY by State.jpg


Map US Republican Democrat 2020.png
To me, this is especially sad, because I believe that Christians should fall into the Republican side of the equation (if for no other reason than just the PRO-LIFE issue alone.) Sadly, I think that this is an accurate representation on Christianity as a whole, today. Most Christians are not very interested in Health. Most Christians don’t believe they have a real responsibility to take care of their bodies. Most Christians eat and drink whatever they desire and as much of it as they desire. Self-control and being temperate is hardly thought about in mainline Christianity. How sad it must make God to see that those who don’t even claim to be His children take better care of their health than those who do claim to be His children.

Christians should be the healthiest people in the World!  They should be a living testimony to everyone around them, just like Daniel was in Babylon, as to how healthy one can be when they follow the Health Laws God has given us in His Word.

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