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Yesterday a man called from Indiana who had just read Chapter 18 ~ "The Mark of the Beast" tract.  He was so excited. He was a former Amish man and said that he has been trying to tell his family and friends about the Sabbath for a long time and he asked if we would send a copy of the booklet to his family & friends for him, hoping that they will read it if it came from someone else.  We happily agreed to do so.  He said that the truth is undeniable in the booklet, so clear and powerful.  The Holy Spirit is working on many hearts all around the world, to accept the truth that Saturday is the Sabbath.,
I like the way Al writes, he's just like speaking directly to the reader.Anonymous,
Today, I read the whole chapter 18 of the book. Wow! The presentation is so simple and easy to understand! (RP ~ The Phillippines)Anonymous,
Tammy I am learning a lot from Al's book.I just had to tell you how much it is convicting, correcting and yet still in accordance with my beliefs...As I promised, I am recommending some parts of the book for tracts...The part of the book that I would recommend to be made into a tract is about repentance. I wish that more people would preach that truth whether people accept it or not. It is downright deceptive to make people think that a simple prayer said without a change of mindset and actions will get them saved. Please keep me in prayer.... (DA, Conneaut, OH.)Anonymous,
...I went directly to ch 18 and read that first lol....now I will go back and read the whole book...very interesting and something that backed up my suspicions concerning this matter... (PT - Ashtabula, OH) Anonymous,