Chapter 20: “There is so much more that I want to say to you.”
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 “There is so much more I want to say to you.”
{John 16:12 NLT, NIV}


What a wonderful passage to end the book with! And I believe with all my heart that those words are just as true today as when Jesus spoke them 2000 years ago. And to try to increase our desire to hear more of what He has to say to us I’d like to first share with you the first stanza of one of those classic hymns that are so full of blessing. And for those of you that are familiar with it, I encourage you to sing it in your mind as you’re reading through it:

Sitting at the Feet of Jesus
Sitting at the feet of Jesus,
Oh, what words I hear Him say!
Happy place! so near, so precious!
May it find me there each day;

To further try to increase our desire to hear more of what Jesus has to say to us I’ll share that set of passages we had in an earlier chapter:

“The words that I speak unto you… they are life.”  {John 6:63 KJV}

“The Father who sent me gave me his own instructions as to what I should say. And I know his instructions lead to eternal life.”  {John 12:49, 50 NLT}

“I have come so that they may have life. I want them to have it in the fullest possible way.”  {John 10:10 CJB, NIrV}

Surely the all-important question for every one of us has to be (or should be): Can we really believe Jesus when He says those things?

For those of us who are convinced we know the answer, the question then becomes: Do we really live like we believe Jesus? And for those of you who still aren’t quite sure of the answer, let me try just a little harder to make you sure:

“Jesus said again, “What I’m about to tell you is true… I have come so that you may have life. I want you to have it in the fullest possible way.”  {John 10:7, 10 NIrV, CJB}

“He who was sitting on the throne said… “You can trust these words. They are true.”  {Revelation 21:5 NIrV}

“It is impossible for God to lie.”  {Hebrews 6:18 NLT}

I just have one more thing I want to say: While those words of Christ that are found in red in every red-letter Bible are certainly extra special, I believe the whole Bible—from Genesis to Revelation—is both God and Christ speaking to every human being.

With that in mind, I’ll leave you with one last passage:

“My child, pay attention to what I say. Listen closely to my words. Don’t let them out of your sight, keep them deep within your heart; for they are life to those who find them.”  {Proverbs 4:20-22 NRSV, NIrV, NCV}

God Bless You. Thank you for reading my book. And to God be all glory.