Progressively More Immodest With Every Passing Year

Progressively More Immodest With Every Passing Year

Have you noticed that our World is becoming progressively more immodest with every passing year? I often wonder what I can do to help women and girls understand the importance of dressing modestly. If men walked around with half their penis hanging out, women would freak out! Men are considered PERVERTS if they would do that, but women can “let it all hang out” because it’s FASHION for women to walk around with half their breasts hanging out. WHY is that???? Everyone knows women have breasts….why is it so many women feel they must PROVE they have them????

Why On Earth….???

I understand the thinking (even though I completely disagree with the reasoning) behind women who have no mate…they know that revealing cleavage to men attracts men (sadly if that is the kind of man you are attracting, you are in for a sad relationship)…but it’s really hard for me to understand why women who supposedly have a good relationship with their mate, why on earth do they want to continue to ADVERTISE themselves???

Girls are Sexualized At Younger and Younger Ages

Another thing that is really sad is that young girls are encouraged to start dressing provocatively at such young ages….and then we wonder why there is so much SEX TRAFFICKING and SEX CRIMES and TEENAGE RUNAWAYS… It’s because us adults, ESPECIALLY US WOMEN, have not set the right example. So many run around in swimsuits that cover less than their bra and underwear!

Modesty Doesn’t Change

Yes, I’m old-fashioned, and I intend to stay old-fashioned. Modesty doesn’t change. The human body is still the same. Society and Fashion have changed, but Modesty has not. I’m sorry if this post makes you feel uncomfortable. It’s not directed at anyone specifically. It’s heavy on my heart, as I see some here who at times are wearing less than the heathen are wearing in Africa!
Don’t give in to PEER PRESSURE. So what if all your friends dress like that! You are an adult…dress like you would dress if you knew you were standing in front of Jesus….because you are, whether you know it or not….the Bible tells us ~

“The eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good.” Proverbs 15:3.
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